Manscaped Rob Gronkowski Commercial - Feat. Model Camille Kostek

Manscaped invites you to see, in its latest commercial, why Rob Gronkowski and +2 million men trust Manscaped to trim their trophies.

The spot features the NFL superstar calling his girlfriend, model Camille Kostek, to come over and check something out. Entering the room, Camille is left speechless by what her partner, who is standing presumably naked on a chair, has to show her. Asked what she thinks, she says there’s a lot going on there, looking toward the bottom part of his body. “They are glistening, right?” he asks and she doesn’t hesitate to confirm that they are smooth and shiny, no dings or nicks, and to praise them for looking spectacular.

“Do you think it’s weird that one is bigger than the other?” Gronk asks her whilst looking down. As she declares that they are perfect, it turns out they were talking about Gronk’s soccer trophies.

“Want to keep your balls and trophy clean, smooth and shiny without worrying about damaging your hardware?” Camille asks at the end of the commercial, urging viewers to go to and get the new Lawn Mower 3.0, mentioning that its SkinSafe technology keeps your valuables safe and that the device is waterproof, so you can use it in the shower.

The spot also informs that, when you order a Performance Package, you get Free Boxers, Free Travel Bag, and Free Shipping.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end and his girlfriend also co-star in another similar commercial for the men’s grooming company’s $80 “Lawn Mower 3.0”. The spot, dubbed “Gronk Can’t Find His Balls,” features Rob standing presumably naked behind a big bush while looking down for his balls. He eventually finds the footballs with help from Camille, obviously.

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