Little Caesars Big Pizza Commercial

Little Caesars has released a new ad to promote its limited-time offer on deliveries.

The spot features executives of a corporation called Big Pizza, sitting around the table in a conference room and celebrating the fact that “the outlook for overpriced pizza has never been better” and nothing’s gonna stop them. When one of the participants at the meeting says that Little Caesars has the lowest price per pizza delivered, he is immediately let go. A lady tries to point out that price is one thing and taste is another, but all the others in the room taste the Little Caesars pizza left on the table and, judging by their reaction, she concludes that this is not good for their company.

“We’re not Big Pizza. We’re Little Caesars,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial, urging viewers to get $5 off their first delivery at using the code “TRYDELIVERY”.

The offer is available online at participating stores and ends January 31st. Delivery and small order fee apply.

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