Little Caesars Planteroni Pizza Bigfoot Commercial

Little Caesars promotes its new Planteroni Pizza, topped with Field Roast Plant-Based Pepperoni, in a hilarious ad, featuring mythical creatures.

The spot opens with a young woman tasting the new Planteroni Pizza and saying she can’t believe how flavorful it is. “Plant-based pepperoni that actually tastes good? That can’t be real!” exclaims Bigfoot, who’s crocheting on the sofa. Sasquatch asks an alien what he thinks about it and it turns out the alien believes the same thing – that there can’t be delicious plant-based pepperoni. At this point, a ghost shows up, willing to try the pizza, but realizes he can’t grab it, all while declaring that delicious plant-based pepperoni doesn’t exist.

“You better Be-Leaf it! The new Planteroni Pizza, made with Field Roast Plant-Based Pepperoni, just $8.49, online only,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial.

Little Caesars, which partnered with Greenleaf Foods Field Roast brand, maker of plant-based meat and cheese products, to launch its Planteroni pizza, announced that it will offer the vegetarian-friendly pizza in six major markets.

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