Lamborghini Huracan EVO RED Commercial

Lamborghini showcases its Lamborghini Huracan EVO in a new commercial, created by agency UTOPIA, Milan.

The spot, filmed in Italy, features juxtaposed footage of a young woman driving the Huracan EVO and her partner, who’s also driving a Huracan and recalls childhood memories of him and his father using their Lamborghini to travel and a map to find it in case they forget where they parked. This journey through time showcased throughout the commercial also focuses on the technological progress which allows Lamborghini drivers nowadays to find their car using the car-finder function available in the Lamborghini UNICA app. This app also includes vehicle status report (it lets you remotely control some information, such as fuel level, the status of the doors and the kilometres traveled) and geofencing functions.

The ad also highlights that the Huracan EVO boasts comprehensive in-car control by Amazon Alexa, which makes Lamborghini the first automaker to incorporate this (Note: Web radio and Apple CarPlay, already available on the Huracán EVO, are joined by Alexa and Android Auto on Huracán EVO 2021 models). In the video, the woman asks Alexa to play her driving playlist, but drivers can easily access and control other car’s functions, by simply saying “Alexa,’ such as Climate, Navigation, Media and Ambient Light.

As the commercial ends, the man and the woman, who are both shown driving out of the city, meet to watch a view together at sunset.

Accordinf to the brand, Lamborghini connected services can be used from the moment you get in the car via the Lamborghini Infotainment System (LIS), an intuitive system that accesses information directly from the Web and allows you to manage it quickly and easily. The Lamborghini UNICA app, reserved for Lamborghini customers, allows you to manage, command and control your car remotely from wherever you are, receive the latest updates from the carmaker in preview and gives you access to exclusive content and events.

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