Kohl's Christmas Dance Grandma Commercial

Kohl’s invites you to “Dance with All Your Heart” in its Christmas ad.

The spot, created by agency YardNYC, features a family gathering on Christmas day, with children unwrapping gift boxes and parents relaxing on the sofa. As one grandmother receives a present from one of her granddaughters, a boy watches her impatiently. He then stands up and walks to her, inviting her to dance.

“Dance with All Your Heart” an onscreen line reads at the end of the commercial, which sees the elegant old lady heading to her husband to dance with him, as well.

The soundtrack is provided by the 2013 single “From Me To You” by Norvegian singer/songwriter Ane Brun, from her album “Rarities”.

Last month, the retail chain revealed that FLX, its athleisure brand that launched earlier this year, in spring, will be a big part of the its holiday campaign. There will also be a partnership with Sephora and an assortment that is thought to excite customers this holiday season.

Kohl’s has also said that its digital spending is going to be “really big this year,” representing “well over half of our total marketing spending for this season”. Besides Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram, the brand will also tap into TikTok to create a challenge centered around music and dance, encouraging consumers to share their own dances, inspired by the company’s holiday brand spot.

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