Kellogg's Eggo Homestyle Waffles Commercial Girl

Kellogg’s promotes its Eggo Homestyle Waffles in a commercial that is also an anthem.

The spot features a diverse cast of parents performing a song about how Eggo helps them deal with their children in the morning. One dad talks about how much effort it takes to get his son wake up in the morning, a couple say their kitchen looks like there was a toddler-sized tornado and it’s not even 8AM, and one mother realizes her kid lied to her about having brushed his teeth because his toothbrush is dry. They all sing, using waffles as microphones, that mornings are hard but Eggo makes them easier thanks to its golden, toasted Eggo waffles, which are loved by everyone.

The commercial ends with the tagline “L’Eggo with Eggo” flashing across the screen, alongside a box of Homestyle waffles.

Kellogg’s Eggo Homestyle Waffles are also available in mini version. The brand’s offering also includes Thick and Fluffy Whole Grain Waffles, Blueberry Waffles, Belgian Style Blueberry Waffles, Buttermilk Breakfast Toaster Waffles, as well as Eggoji Frozen Waffles.

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