Kellogg's Club Crackers Mom Review Commercial Actress

Kellogg’s promotes its Club Crackers in a new commercial.

The spot features a mother of twins writing a review for Club Crackers. She says her family loves these crackers because they are “light, flaky, and…” At this point, she stops, unable to find another word to describe the snacks. Her twin sons, dressed in yellow T-shirts and green hoodies, just like the box of Club Crackers, help her out by pointing to the iconic green box. The woman is reminded thus that she was thinking of “buttery”, which allows her to finish and post her review, titled “Janet’s Honest Review.”

As the commercial ends, she can’t help asking “Am I an influencer?”.

With a hint of salt and a melt-in-your-mouth texture, the rectangular crackers have 17.5 calories each. In the small snack stack package there are seventeen crackers.

Club Crackers became a product of Kellogg’s after Kellogg’s sold the Keebler cookie lineup as well as rights to the Keebler brand name in 2019.

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