Just Eat Crazy Cat, Dog or Moose Advert

Just Eat has dropped a new ad to announce that they got everything you need and you can hit up Just Eat for a McDonald’s, KFC and Greggs.

The 10-second spot features a young woman turned into a “crazy cat”, a dog and a moose (with help of filters), who is told that whatever she wants, be it McDonald’s, KFC or Greggs, Just Eat got it.

The ad concludes with the “Did Somebody Say Just Eat” jingle.

Last year, in spring, the British online food order and delivery service teamed up with Snoop Dogg to turn its famous “Did Somebody Say Just Eat” mnemonic into a song. For the Christmas campaign, the rapper voiced the Doggy Dog, who performs a n original song wishing everyone happy holidays and encouraging viewers to order through Just Eat.

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