Jack in the Box $5.99 Triple Bonus Jack Combo Commercial

Jack in the Box has released a new commercial, informing customers that the Triple Bonus Jack Combo is back.

“Good news friends. My Triple Bonus Jack Combo is back. The triple meat and cheese you need, the secret sauce you love, plus curly fries in a drink. It’s a pretty legit combo, and it’s just 5.99. Only Jack in the Box” the voiceover says in the 15-second spot.

On the brand’s website, customers are urged to find out what the bonus is in their Triple Bonus Jack, and receive a hint: “It’s somewhere in the American cheese delectably covering each layer of 100% beef, or when you add another layer and make it a Quad. Now, it may be in the shredded lettuce or the crunchy pickles keeping it company. Or in the mouthwatering secret sauce layered on the buttery bun that keeps it all together”.