Intuit QuickBooks Wolves & Sharks Advert Actress

Intuit QuickBooks has launched its biggest ever integrated campaign in the UK, in partnership with Wieden & Kennedy London.

The spot opens with a woman who says that “It’s a battlefield out there and no one needs wet fish on their team.” “They need wolves and sharks,” she declares and refers to members of the QuickBooks team as wolves, sharks and wolf-sharks. These hard-nosed suits around her are taking care of “every tasty little bit” of business, from payroll and invoicing to tax and VAT, to mileage and receipt filing, to cashflow and forecasts, and more, “because in the back pocket of every successful business owner is an entire business department, 27 hours a day, 8 days a week, for the big boss upstairs”.

As the advert ends, it turns out that the QuickBooks people are very tiny and are working in a chippy, where they are attacking a seagull with a pea and then start dancing to heavy metal music while their boss puts a little salt on them.

Earlier this year, Intuit QuickBooks supported numerous small businesses impacted by the pandemic by spending £300,000 on media and production.


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