Hunky Dorys TV Advert - Feat. Darren Conway as Christie The Crinkler

Tayto-owned Hunky Dory range of crisps is promoted in a new ad created by Rothco (part of Accenture Interactive) and titled “Go Hunky Dory’s or Go Home”.

The TV spot features comedian Darren Conway as Christy, aka “The Crinkler,” screaming at and motivating the crisps as they run along Hunky Dory’s production line. Born with the gift of crinkling crisps, Christy loves his job so much, he admits that he would do it for free and says, at the end of the ad, the tagline “Go Hunky Dorys Or Go Home”.

“In our new TV Commercial for Hunky Dorys, Rothco have created a brilliant backstory depicting a humorous dramatisation of the production process involved in creating Ireland’s No.1 crinkle cut crisps. Featuring “The Crinkler”, who is wild and a little unhinged, it grabs the attention of the viewer and showcases the product and brand personality in a fun and hugely entertaining way. We are delighted with the end result.” Karen Hurley, senior brand manager for Hunky Dorys, said in a press statement.

The campaign also includes online films, social media, digital, OOH and POS.

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