Huggies Commercial: Welcome to the World, Baby

Huggies released a new ad ahead of the Big Game, titled “Welcome to the World, Baby”.

Created by Droga5, the spot aims to show us what its like for babies being born brand new in life, covering all its marvels – big and small – from discovering their parents, their new home, where they crawl in search for edible things, their feet, their dad’s beard, which is good for pulling, and more.

The spot is a compilation of videos featuring a diverse cast of babies and also showcases the brand’s range of products, including diapers and baby wipes.

“See, the thing is is, baby, it’s a crazy world, but you’ll grow to love it,” the voiceover says toward the end of the commercial, which ends with the tagline “We Got You, Baby”.

Huggies became thus the first diaper brand to run a Super Bowl commercial.

Super Bowl 55 took place on February 7 and aired on CBS.