HotelTonight Talking House Absence Commercial

HotelTonight promotes its last-minute hotel room app in a series of new ads, which aim to inspire people to travel more and give a break to their homes.

One of them features a garage door moving up and down as if it was talking, saying it could use a break from the house owner. “You know that saying ‘Absence makes heart grow fonder?’ Well, I’m thinking if you take a night, or two or three of absence, you know, let loose, I think that could make me grow fonder,” the house says.

The commercial ends with the onscreen line “Your house could use a break from you, too,” flashing across the screen.

The campaign, created by agency barrettSF, includes several other spots featuring various homes delivering a message for their owners. Annoyed by their constance presence, the homes invite the owners to go somewhere.

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