Hoseasons Advert Actors - Relive the Good Times

Hoseasons promotes its services in a new advert, encouraging people to relive the good times.

The video shows families and friends enjoying their holiday in various places and doing all kinds of activities together. They are featured lounging in the sun, at the beach, having a barbecue at a secluded cottage, watching a movie, going on a boat, and having fun at a water park.

The spot, set to a song whose lyrics include “home is with you wherever that may be”, ends with the voiceover saying the tagline “Relive the good times”.

The Lowestoft-based travel company offers a wide range of holidays in the UK, for various preferences. Travelers can opt for luxury lodges, fun-filled holiday park breaks, secluded cottages, or unforgettable boating breaks, and get a hassle-free refund guarantee, which means they can get their money back if their holiday plans are affected by Covid-19.

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