Haribo Tangfastics Boxers at Weigh In Advert - Oxley vs. Gorchov

Haribo promotes its Tangfastics in a new advert featuring adults with kid voices.

The spot shows two boxers, Oxley and Gorchov, in a standoff at a weigh in, where the tense atmosphere is quickly forgotten when they taste the Tangfastics.

At the end of the advert, Haribo Tangfastics, Haribo Supermix and Haribo Starmix, which contains an assortment of Goldbears, Twin Snakes, Happy Cola, Happy Cherries, and Gummi Rings, are showcased on the screen.

Haribo is known for using voices of children in its ads. An older Haribo Supermix advert, created by the London agency Quiet Storm, featured the members of a heavy metal band, all clad in black leather and full of tattoos, eating a pack of Haribo Supermix in the backstage and talking about how the assortments in Supermix make them feel.

Another advert featured a group of adults in a library eating Haribo Goldbears and talking about the soft textures and creamy flavors of the six colorful gummy bears.

The Haribo range also includes Goldbears, Maoam Stripes, Jelly Babies, and more.

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