Gumtree Good Finds Blender Advert

Gumtree takes a jab at salesmen in its latest ad campaign, created by Wieden+Kennedy London, directed by Jim Hosking.

The campaign includes a series of films that aim to illustrate the naffness of the hard-sell in a lo-fi, entertaining fashion. One of the spots, titled “Good Finds. No Hard Sell,” features a salesman in someone’s house, trying to sell his premium blender. The product owner, who is Jerry Stewarts from Huddersfield, has bought it on Gumtree and doesn’t intend to sell his good find. He grabs his blender, which is floating, and politely asks the uninvited guest to leave.

The advert ends with the tagline “Good Finds. No Hard Sell” flashing across the screen and with the Gumtree jingle.

“Gumtree isn’t perfect but it is full of ‘Good Finds’ and that’s that. No bells and whistles, no unnecessary guff and no-frills. They don’t need it, they are and always have been about making ‘Good Finds’ happen, in their own special way, blurry photos, basic descriptions and a few thumbs obscuring the lens.” said Creative Directors Philippa Beaumont and Freddy Taylor in a press statement.


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