Guardium Knight On Horse in Office Commercial - Gaviscon Australia

Gaviscon promotes its Guardium tablets, which protect against heartburn and acid reflux, in Australia.

The spot features a woman (played by Australian actress Gabrielle Miller) at the office who tells a coworker suffering from heartburn to try Guardium tablets. A guard in shining armour on his horse is shown in the office space, being ready to protect the man, but also in several other places, including the city streets, his home, at night, the park, and more as a metaphor to 24-hour protection.

Created in collaboration with Havas and directed by Simon Cole at Mad Cow films, the campaign debuted in 2019 and runs in several markets.

Guardium works by blocking the acid pumps in your stomach, making it less acidic, tackling the problem at its source therefore helping to reduce heartburn.

The product can be used for 24 h protection and Gaviscon Advance can be used for fast relief of reflux symptom such as heartburn.

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