Groupon So @#$%ing Ready to Eat Commercial

Groupon has launched a new ad campaign to promote its website.

One of the spots, which focuses on food and drink, features a diverse cast of people eating all kinds of foods and drinks, from super spicy noodles to sloppy tacos to fancy dinners where dessert is just a spoonful of foam that tastes like a sunset in Norway to bougie cocktails and more.

“I’m so (bleep)ing ready to eat literally anywhere that isn’t my couch, order way too much, buy a round for the table, get chocolate on everything, eat the best ‘whatever’ in the city, lie about all the notes I’m tasting during a wine tour, make my niece laugh food through her nose, and be THAT person at the table,” a woman says in voiceover on the 20-second ad.

The commercial ends with the tagline “So @#$%ing ready!” flashing across the screen.


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