GEICO Renters & Car Insurance Water Pressure Commercial - Actor Nick Smoke

GEICO continues its Bundling Made Easy campaign with a new installment, featuring a couple of renters who are enjoying their new apartment but have a bit too much water pressure though.

The spot opens with the couple, played by Nick Smoke and Phoebe Neidhardt, talking about the things they like at their apartment. They list the parkings, the big closets, but the man also mentions there’s too much pressure in the bathroom.

Viewers get to understand what he refers to as he is shown in the bathroom getting ready for a dinner with his future in-laws and hearing objects in the bathroom (such as sink, light socket, shower head and bathtub) talking to him. They wish him good luck and give him pieces of advice, such as to not overthink it and not talk about his cover band, his fantasy team and his cat.

The woman then adds that at least GEICO makes bundling their renters and car insurance easy, helping them save a lot of money, too.

The bathroom items are voiced by Brad Morris, Celeste Pechous, Joseph H Johnson Jr., and Nate Shelkey.

GEICO’s “Bundling Made Easy” campaign also includes several other similar commercials, in which new homeowners have different problems. One of the spots, for instance, features a young couple who love their new home, now that they have a lot of space and a guestroom, but they also have many aunts who come to live with them for a while and force them to deal with all kinds of unpleasant situations. Another ad features a couple of new homeowners talking about the advantages of their home, ignoring the HOA, named Cynthia, who does a series of things that would drive anyone crazy. Other ads feature a couple having the heavy metal band Ratt as neighbors, which is not quite easy for them, as the musicians perform in the apartment very often, and another couple having a clogging problem in their new home: their neighbors are clog dancers and can’t help doing their dance not even when they’re eating or doing various household chores.

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