GEICO Acronyms Commercial Actress

“There are a lot of things we don’t need more of. Like acronyms FWIW. But we could all use more ways to save.” This is the idea behind one of the latest GEICO ads.

The spot features a diverse cast of people using acronyms in daily situations. A manager tells a worker she needs the PDF COB AKA EOD and asks him what’s the ETA, to which the latter answers “ASAP, FYI!” A group of coworkers sing to a colleague named Gordon HBD and HBTY instead of “Happy Birthday to You”. A window washer looks at his phone and exclaims “LOL, look at this GIF” showing the phone to a coworker, who points out that he hadn’t pronounced correctly “GIF”. A woman at the mall writes down a text message with the acronym “ROTFL” and a man at the office asks his colleague, who’s working at the same desk, if she saw his IM. When she replies “TLDR” he asks for a clarification because he didn’t understand the message and she explains that it was “Too Long, she didn’t read”.

“We don’t need any more acronyms. But we could all use more ways to save,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial, urging viewers to “Switch to GEICO for more ways to save”. The company helps you save on car, homeowners, boat, motorcycle, RV and more.

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