GEICO Gecko Cactus Commercial - Porcupine in a Balloon Factory

The Gecko discusses the things in life that just go together in the latest GEICO ad, and mentions bundling your home and car insurance. However, he notes that you wouldn’t bundle just anything.

The spot features the company’s longtime mascot on a desk, near a GEICO-personalized cup, saying that people like GEICO because it’s just easy. He then brings in the “bundling” notion. “You’ve got car insurance here and home insurance there. Why not… schuuuzp…. put them together? Save even more. Some things are just better together, aren’t they?” he asks, giving the example of tea and crumpets. He then points out that you wouldn’t bundle just anything, like a porcupine in a balloon factory because that would be a mess.

“GEICO. Save even more when you bundle home and car insurance,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial.

Created by The Martin Agency and modified in 2005 to a CGI character by Animation Director David Hulin, GEICO’s reptilian mascot first appeared in 2000, during the Screen Actors Guild strike, that prevented the use of live actors, and became GEICO’s longest-running mascot, appearing in more than 150 commercials. Over the years, he has been voiced by multiple actors, including Kelsey Grammer, Dave Kelly, and Jake Wood.

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