GC Aesthetics Commercial: An Amazing Pair of Books

GC Aesthetics celebrates uniqueness in its latest commercial, which makes an analogy between boobs and books.

The spot, titled “An Amazing Pair of… Books,” features a diverse range of books covering women boobs, while the voiceover delivers the following message: “Look at this pair of books. They’re amazing. But there are many other kinds of books out there. There are smaller books. Bigger books. And older books. Some books have hair. Other books have freckles. Some books are round. And other books are uneven. Books come in all shapes and sizes. Just like boobs”.

The commercial ends with the voiceover urging viewers to “Love them, feel them and enhance them.” “It’s your body. It’s your choice,” the voiceover also says, adding the tagline “GC Aesthetics, A Confident Choice for Life”.

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