Garden of Life Dr Formulated Women's Probiotics Commercial

Supplements brand Garden of Life, the leader in science-based formulas made from clean, traceable and non-GMO ingredients, promotes its Dr. Formulated Women’s Probiotics in a new commercial, created by Humanaut.

“Being human is hard, especially if you’re a woman who is also having trouble doing that totally normal thing all humans do,” the voiceover says in the opening of the 30-second ad, which features a woman on the toilet. “Oh, you mean pooping?” she asks.

The voiceover then informs that “Garden of Life Dr Formulated Women’s Probiotics contain 40 billion probiotics that help your digestion so you could be a more regular human”. At this point, one of the ladies featured throughout the video tells the narrator that it’s 2021 and everyone knows that women poop. Another one says she is a woman pooping on TV and another says “I’m a pooping woman and I approve this message”.

Garden of Life, which is the #1 probiotic brand, has an entire selection of probiotics that offers billions of diverse, clinically studied strains to help support digestive health and immune health.