Facebook Personalized Ads Commercial - Feat. Yoga with Goat

Facebook promotes its personalized ad tools, which helps businesses connect with new customers, in a new commercial, which aims to highlights that small businesses can thus get their ideas found.

The spot points out that “for every good idea that gets the love it should, there are five more that don’t succeed and so are lost for good”. Whilst some of them are “pretty flawed” and some of them are “slightly odd,” “many are small businesses that simply lack the tool to find excited people who will stop and say ‘That’s cool!'”, the voiceover says, showing how certain people see Facebook posts they like and highlighting that “personalized ads find good ideas for everyone”.

The commercial is part of a campaign that aims to support small businesses. Some of the businesses featured throughout the campaign are House of Takura, a small fashion company in Texas that sells handcrafted travel bags inspired by and made in Africa, Henry’ House of Coffee, which was able to give people outside of their neighborhood a taste of Armenian culture, warmth and togetherness thanks to Facebook personalized ads, Goat House Farm, a unique yoga studio in the middle of a goat farm in Florida, which uses personalized ads to share light moments when people need them most, and more.


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