Facebook LGBTQ Groups Commercial

Facebook continues its “Take On Anything with Facebook Groups” campaign with a new installment.

The 30-second ad features members of the Trans Woman Support Network, Black Educated Lesbians, LGBT Outdoors, LGBTQ Health and Fitness, Qweerty Gamers, and Non-Binary Gender Pride, while in the background “Presence Of A Legend” by Shea Diamond plays.

The social network has been promoting its Facebook Groups in several other ads. One of the them featured members of the International Kazoo Players Association (a Facebook group with 8784 members, where kazoo players from around the world can share the joy of the kazoo) performing on their kazoos Big Freedia’s 2020 single “Louder” (from her EP of the same name, released earlier this month, on March 13). Another one featured a mother who gets unexpected help from the Military Mama Network Facebook Group, members of the I AM BEAUTIFUL Facebook Group, and of the Women Helping Women Entrepreneurs Group, as they give a dog walker pieces of advice to grow her business.

During last year’s Super Bowl, Facebook runned a commercial that showcased a variety of groups, including Table Rock Lake, Craft Cocktail Club, Moab Rock Climbers, Starting Strongman, From the Front Porch, Rock Buggies, Amateur Experimental Rocketery, Alcatraz Triathletes, Rockhounds, Clonehenge Stonehenge Replicas Unleashed, Stone Sculptors Around the World, and Rocky Balboa Going the Distance. Sylvester Stallone and Chris Rock co-starred in the ad, which aimed to highlight that, “Whatever you rock, there’s a Facebook Group for you.”