Experian John Cena & Purple Cow Commercial

John Cena and his purple cow are back to the small screen in a new ad for Experian’s Boost credit service, which allows users to boost their credit score.

The spot, titled “Mind Control,” opens with a young couple in a lab being brainwashed to believe that a credit app called Credit-Rama will save them money. The “process” is interrupted by Cena and his four-legged companion, who make quite an entrance, breaking a glass door with a chair. He sets free the “victims”, telling them that only with the Experian app they can get their free FICO score and raise it instantly.

At the end of the commercial, the voiceover urges viewers to boost their credit score instantly with Experian and download the app.

The actor/WWE wrestler has starred in several other ads for Experian. In one of them, he shows up on the purple cow at a party to help a young man boost his credit score and get the credit card he wants and in another one he’s leading a stampede of purple cows to save the day for a downtrodden man stranded with his broken down truck in the desert and a sign reading “credit denied”.