E*TRADE Woman on Everest Commercial

E*TRADE encourages people to stop waiting for their dreams to come true and start investing.

The latest commercial tells the story of a woman who dreams of climbing Mt. Everest. She starts saving for this goal from childhood and trains for it, but time passes by and she doesn’t get to do it. Eventually, when she becomes an aged grandmother, she pursues her dream, using a walker. Seeing her, two other climbers, surprised to hear that she saved her whole life for this , say that maybe she should have invested.

The ad, scored by Jimmy Cliff’s “You Can Get It If You Really Want,” ends with the onscreen lines “Lifelong dreams shouldn’t take a lifetime” and with the voiceover saying “Stop waiting, start investing” while the tagline “The Tools To Take On The Market” flashes across the screen.

E*TRADE declares that it has lots of ways to put your money to work, with no account minimums and no confusing jargon. The company urges people to take charge of their finances with a new E*TRADE brokerage or retirement account by October 29 and start with a generous cash bonus. They can get up to $3,000 (plus $0 commissions) by using the code BONUS21.

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