eBay Mixed Race Curly Girl and Cat Advert / Commercial

“Moving in together is a right ol’ puzzle. What should stay? What should go? As styles clash, worlds collide, and pets are inherited. But worry not. Because life comes together when you buy, sell, eBay.” This is the idea behind the latest eBay advert.

The 40-second spot, titled “Puzzle,” features a mixed race couple trying to put their items in their new apartment as if they were solving a puzzle. Things go smoothly until pieces don’t fit anymore. A vintage round gold wall hanging mirror and a signed and dated tour poster don’t seem to find a place in the couple’s new home, so the protagonists decide to sell them on eBay and buy instead a refurbished flat screen TV, which turns out to be the perfect fit for the respective spot.

The woman’s cat, who becomes the family’s pet, obviously, also makes appearances throughout the advert, which is scored by Redbone’s 1974 single “Come and Get Your Love”.

A few days ago, eBay promotes its Santa Sneaker Drop in the US with a commercial featuring All-NBA forward Anthony Davis. Judging by Santa’s voice message that he’s listening to, the 27-year-old LA Lakers player drove the Big Man’s sleigh the night before and lost 500 pairs of sneakers. Santa Sneaker Drop is taking place between December 22nd and December 24th.

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