eBay it Forward No Way, Rock On AC/DC T-Shirt Commercial

eBay continues its eBay it Forward campaign with a series of new installments.

One of them features a woman who sells her luxury handbag that she doesn’t like anymore to someone for whom that particular item is “Wow” and perfectly suits her outfits. A guy sells the AC/DC T-shirt that doesn’t fit him anymore to an old lady who discovered her passion for this rock band. “For every ‘No Way’ there’s a ‘Rock on'”, says the voiceover, urging viewers to sell something and make room for something new.

Another spot aims to highlight that, “for every hand me down, there’s a glow up,” and shows a woman who completes her outfit with a tiny luxury watch.

A previous commercial showcased a diverse cast as they sold the items they didn’t need to make room for something new. A woman, for instance, sold her tent to a guy who desperately needed to escape his apartment. The latter sold his crock pot to a guy who wanted to spend more time with his date on a date night, and who sold his decanter in order to make more room on the counter space.