eBay Camping Commercial

eBay highlights, in its latest commercial, that you can resell your unwanted kitchen appliances, outdoor equipment, home goods and more to make room for something new.

The spot opens with Sarah, a young woman who found out camping wasn’t her thing so she eBay-ed forward her tent to Tom, who just had to get out of his house because of his roommates, who are very passionate soccer fans. In order to get some road trip money, Tom eBay-ed the crock pot he never used to Steve, who wanted to turn the heat up on date night. The latter needed counter space so he sold his decanter to Sarah, who’d found a new outdoor hobby – drinking wine with her friends on the terrace.

The commercial ends with the voiceover urging viewers to sell something and make room for something new and with the hashtag #eBayItForward flashing across the screen.