eBay UK Advert Actress

eBay UK promotes its Certified Refurbished bargains and Brand Outlet designer items in a hilarious new advert.

The spot features a guy called Dave who tells the story of how he started a health kick with his not so trusty doggy Nobby and met the girl of his dreams. Footage of him sharing the story is juxtaposed with footage of his friends asking questions or giving tips on what they can find on Ebay, such as outfits for going “out out” again, trainers, hairdryers to rid yourself of the lockdown barnet, a blender, and more.

The advert is part of a broader integrated campaign, which also includes topical radio scripts.

“We’re excited to bring our diverse marketplace to life, where everyone can feel proud to say they ‘got it on eBay’. From a pre-loved bike to designer clothes from Brand Outlet, this ad showcases the many ways our customers can find joy and value when they shop with us – especially as we emerge from lockdown and get back outdoors. Tom Kuntz and the team at McCann London have been able to craft a spot that truly shows why there’s more ways to win when you buy, sell, eBay,” Eve Williams, chief marketing officer at eBay UK said in a press statement.


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