dual GLAZE Moist Commercial Actress

dual GLAZE promotes its double glazing solution, which replaces the old single glazed glass from your home with new double glazed glass, in a new commercial.

The spot features a mother of two having a neighbor over and enjoying a cup of coffee together. At some point, the neighbor tells the host that there is some moist there. Seeing the stained curtain, the woman asks the neighbor to not say that word, but the latter keeps saying it until the kids hear her and start saying it, as well. She decides to make something and has Dual GLAZE replacing her existing glass, which reduces visible moisture and maintains a warm, healthy, and noise pollution free home.

The end of the ad sees one of the kids repeating the word “moist” until he drives his mom crazy. She closes the window and enjoys her coffee in silence, breathing a cleaner air.

Viewers are encouraged to visit the company’s website and get a free quote.

Launched in 2009, the dual GLAZE double glazing network was the first national network of qualified aluminium joiners to both enter and lead the residential glass replacement market. For over 10 years they have been making New Zealand homes healthier, warmer and drier all year around. All their units are manufactured to New Zealand standards by industry qualified window and door fabricators giving customers peace of mind, along with increased comfort. Among the items they fabricate are insert windows and doors specifically for timber frame homes, sashes for your replacement windows, and doors for your replacement moving panels – where glass only is not a viable option.

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