DoorDash Super Bowl Commercial - Feat. Daveed Diggs & Sesame Street Muppets

DoorDash has enlisted Daveed Diggs to star in its Sesame Street-themed Super Bowl 2021 commercial.

The spot, which aims to highlight neighborhood business, opens with Diggs (known for his role as Andre Layton in Netflix’s dystopian drama Snowpiercer as well as for his dual roles in the hit musical “Hamilton”) informing Big Bird that you can get all sorts of things delivered from the neighborhood and leads the Sesame Street muppets through the neighborhood, where they enjoy a variety of products, from fresh fruits to street food hamburgers, to chocolate chip cookies.

“Get more from your neighborhood from convenience to corner stores. DoorDash,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial, declaring that for every order they will donate $1 to Sesame Workshop. Thanks to this partnership, the non-profit managed to raise $1 million already. Proceeds will go to support the organization’s programs in refugee response, autism acceptance, and COVID-19 response, among others.