DoorDash GOOAT Goats Commercial

DoorDash promotes its services in a new ad, encouraging consumers to have their favorite meals delivered with DoorDash.

The spot features a diverse cast of people saying what their GOOAT is. A construction worker says his GOOAT is jerk pork and jerk beef, a woman says hers consists of a bucket of chicken wings, a couple say their GOOAT is onion rings, and a teenage boy reveals that his GOOAT, which means Greatest Order Of All Times, is ramen.

A goat and a billy goat are also featured, opting for two different foods, though. While one of them wants Tofu Curry, the other would order pizza.

“Everyone has their GOOAT. Get it delivered with DoorDash” onscreen lines read at the end of the commercial.

DoorDash has a GOAT menu that includes drinks, starters and shareables, burgers, tacos, tots, wings, stacks & wraps, pizzas, greens, sauces and sides, as well as sweets.

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