Dole Fruit Bowls Normal-ish Mother Working in Garage Commercial

Dole Packaged Food has released a new ad for its Fruit Bowls.

The spot features a mother getting ready to go to work and sharing her thoughts about her situation with the viewers. “I’ve missed the office. This mommy needs a break from the fruit bowl,” she says, referring to her two kids, and adding then that she’s way more productive. As the video ends, it turns out she’s actually going to work in the garage, where she had set up a desk and enjoy a snacks on a Dole Fruit Bowl, while her “fruit bowls” are making noise upstairs.

The brand’s offering includes Regular Fruit Bowls (all in 100% juice), Fruit Bowls in slightly sweetened Coconut Water, Fruit Bowls in Gel, Dole Mixations, Fruit Bowls with No Sugar Added, Fruit Parfaits, and Organic Fruit Bowls.

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