Discount Filters Let's Keep it Clean Commercial Eagle

Discount Filters has released a new commercial, urging people to “keep it clean”.

The ad, created by Clum Creative, features three naked actors promoting the Discount Filters services. “Discount Filters is all about keeping it clean,” says a young man who’s holding a filter to cover his essential parts. “They make high-quality filters like these, right here, in the USA. And they’ll help you find the right ones for your home, even custom sizes for those who need them,” he also says. A woman, who’s also covering her body with posters, adds that the retailer offers free shipping and free returns. The guy mentions the subscription service and an older man says that the best part is their prices are always lower than Big Box.

At the end of the commercial, which sees the three actors hanging out in a living room, ends with the young man urging viewers to go to the Discount Filters website. “Let’s keep it clean!” he also says and an onscreen line informs the viewers that buyers get 20% off their order with the code CLEAN20!.