DIRECTV STREAM Serena Williams as Wonder Woman Commercial

Serena Williams becomes Wonder Woman in the latest DIRECTV commercial, which promotes DIRECTV STREAM.

The spot opens with a man telling his partner that, with DIRECTV STREAM, he can get live TV and on demand together and shows her images of Serena Williams during a tennis game on one hand and images of Wonder Woman on the other hand, until the two mix and Serena Williams becomes Wonder Woman in the movie. She faces rampaging tennis robots that throw tennis balls and destroys them all, saving the day. Former professional tennis player John McEnroe also makes an appearance as a man who has the food on his tray staining his white T-shirt. “You cannot be serious,” he says.

The commercial ends with the voiceover urging viewers to get their TV together wi, and a very sticky th the best of Live and On Demand and introducing DIRECTV STREAM.


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