DFS What's Your Thing? Advert - God is a Woman

UK-based furnishings retailer dfs has launched a new ad campaign by recently appointed creative agency Pablo, that aims to highlight that there is no right or wrong when it comes to taste and style and that, Whatever your thing, DFS has the perfect sofa to match.

The spot, titled “What’s Your Thing?” and directed by Freddie Powell through Drool Productions, celebrates individual preferences by featuring a diverse cast of people who are into different things, such as tartan, corduroy, bling, dark, rainbow, black spots on white, and more.

The voiceover points out that we don’t want a world where we’re all into the same thing and urges viewers to ask themselves not what’s other people’s thing or the neighbors’ thing, but what’s their own thing.

At the end of the advert, which also features “Thing” from The Addams Family, the voiceover adds that dfs will help find one sofa to match.

James Brewer, digital and brand director at dfs, said in a press statement that “The new brand platform is based on a truth at the heart of the DFS business: we have the biggest range of sofas as well as expert staff committed to helping you find what’s right for you.” “By encouraging a two way dialogue with our customers across our comms, store and digital experience, we can help them feel comfortable and more confident in their choices, and help the whole nation ‘find their thing’.” he added.

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