Dairy Farmers of Canada Artist Thing Commercial

Dairy Farmers of Canada show us how to get out of uncomfortable situations at mealtime this holiday season.

One of the spots released by the company features a father asking his son if he got a job or if he’s still trying that whole “artist thing”. With a hint from a friend, the youngster changes the subject and asks his dad if he knew that less than 1% of Canada’s total greenhouse gas emissions come from dairy farm. “I’m all ears,” the man says, grabbing a piece of cheese from the plate in front of them.

“Awkward holiday moment?” an onscreen line reads at the end of the commercial. Viewers are directed to HolidairyFacts.ca for more facts on dairy.

Dairy Farmers of Canada targeted Millennials and Gen-Z in its past ad campaigns. One of them, titled “Milk. It’s in the stuff you love,” highlighted the presence of milk in foods that people enjoy every day and aimed to reposition milk for this group of consumers and inspire them to rethink their stance on dairy. Other campaigns launched by the Dairy Farmers of Canada, “Honest. Canadian. Dairy” and “Dairy Farming Forward,” have also focused on millennial audiences.