Comfort Ultimate Care Rockstar Mum & Girl Advert

Comfort promotes its New Comfort Ultimate Care, which protects your clothes from damage, in a new advert.

The spot, created by Ogilvy UK and directed by Cloe Bailly, features a mother who decides to wear one of her favorite T-shirts to pick her daughter from school and prove she still rocks on.

The brand doesn’t promise that the rock star will last, but the T-shirt will, according to the voiceover, who adds the tagline “Long Live Clothes” at the end of the advert.

Comfort’s laundry detergent and fabric conditioner are clothes care products that’ll help you express yourself through your outfits. Added in the final stage of the washing process, the fabric conditioner coats the fibres of clothes and helps to keep them soft, smelling great, and able to retain their shape and colour. It helps to keep them from bobbling and makes them easy to iron, and with less static. Ultimately, it helps to keep clothes in good condition.

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