Colgate Boy on School Bus Smile Commercial

Colgate reminds people that the power of a smile can bring optimism to those around them in a new commercial, titled “The Power of a Smile”.

The spot features a visually-impaired boy who gets on the school bus and takes a seat near a girl, where he finds an empty seat. After he smiles, the girl smiles too and he makes her acquaintance. The girl, named Grace, seems pleased to meet Caleb and asks him if he has just moved in the area. He confirms and they smile again at each other.

“What can your smile do?” an onscreen line reads at the end of the heart-warming commercial.

In another spot, part of the campaign, the brand celebrates real people who have the courage and resilience to share their smile with others despite challenges they may be facing and encourages you to be the reason someone smiles today and pass your smile power on.

Colgate has also launched a project called Colgate Optimism Project, which is an initiative that focuses on celebrating optimistic youth leaders who are taking active steps to change their world for the better. The brand identified six Gen Z Americans who came up with “Optimism in Action” community projects, meant to spark hope and optimism in others.

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