Clorox Compostable Cleaning Wipes Commercial

Clorox promotes its new Compostable Cleaning Wipes in a series of ads, showing how these wipes pick up dirt and compost back into dirt.

The videos depict a variety of scenarios in which the Compostable Cleaning Wipes can be used. For instance, they can be used to clean the kitty mess, the doggy slobber.

The new Clorox Compostable Cleaning Wipes are available in Simply Lemon and Free & Clear, an unscented version for those who prefer a fragrance-free clean. Made with a compostable plant-based cloth, which makes them safe to compost at home, or through local municipal facilities, these wipes are safe to use around kids, pets and food.

They feature a unique, clear-drying formula that makes them great for cleaning shiny surfaces like metal fixtures, glass stove tops and kitchen counters. There is no need to use sponges or dishrags that can harbor and spread germs. It is important to know, however, that Clorox Compostable Cleaning Wipes should be used for daily cleaning of grease, dirt and grime. They do not disinfect. For home composting, users are advised to not compost wipes if they have been used to clean non-compostable messes, such as human or animal waste. Wipes should generally be no more than 10% of home compost pile.