ChapStick Lip Balm Commercial Girl - When the ChapStick Goes On, It's On

ChapStick promotes its lipstick in a commercial that carries the tagline “When the ChapStick Goes On, It’s On”.

Created by agency Publicis, the spot features a diverse cast of people doing various activities and experiencing positive feelings when putting on ChapStick. Bravery, passion, joy, love, determination – are only some of these feelings illustrated by a woman who marches for LGBTQ rights with a flag in her hands, a doctor at work who takes off her mask for a second, a man fishing, a curly haired woman who sends a kiss to the camera and a woman who passes the finish line at a marathon.

“When the ChapStick Goes On, It’s On” the voiceover says at the end of the ad, urging viewers to get theirs on the brand’s website.

The ChapStick lip balm is available in three variants – ChapStick Classic Original, ChapStick Classic Cherry, and ChapStick Moisturizer Original.

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