Celebrations UK Bring The Whoop Whoop Christmas Advertv

Mars-owned brand Celebrations has unveiled its Christmas advert, urging people to “Bring The Whoop Whoop”. The brand’s new ad campaign aims to position Celebrations as the ultimate gift to share, drawing people together to have fun, be happy, and enjoy life.

The spot, created by AMV BBDO, and directed New Zealander director Damien Shatford, through production company The Sweetshop, features a pair of identical twins opening two identical presents. Seeing the boxes of Celebrations they received, the two start whoop whooping at each other. The other family members join in the celebrations, as well.
The ad is set to run until the end of 2021 on TV, VOD, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. The “Bring The Whoop Whoop” campaign also includes in-store activations.

“Celebrations has become synonymous with Christmas and the holiday season. While this is brilliant, our new campaign looks to push the brand further into those other moments of joy and celebration. The new creative captures the wonderful feeling of joy, excitement and whoop whoop energy you get when you gift or receive Celebrations – which we think should be embraced all year round!” Cemre Cudal, Senior Brand Manager at Celebrations, said in a press statement.

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