CarMax Home Delivery Alpaca Commercial

CarMax promotes its home delivery service in a hilarious new commercial.

The spot features an alpaca at a farm who visits the CarMax website at night, when everyone’s asleep, and buys a new car to brag in front of the farm owner’s dog. When the new car is delivered to them, nicely wrapped up in a yellow ribbon, and the farm owner doesn’t understand how that is possible, the animal covers its face in an attempt to hide the fact that it was him the responsible one.

“Buy online, we’ll deliver” an onscreen line reads at the end of the commercial, along with the tagline “car buying reimagined”. The 2021 single “Bad to the Bone” by bbno$ and lentra, whose lyrics include “Yeah, I’m bad to the bone, I ain’t sure what you’ve been told,” plays in the background, while the alpaca is shown during a ride in the new car, acting cool, just like the dog did.

CarMax makes the purchase easy by allowing customers to place the order online and then providing all the remote support they need to secure financing or arrange payment, get a trade-in offer, upload documents, and finalize their order’s details – all from home. Once these details are final and confirmed, they get to sign their paperwork electronically and have the vehicle delivered at home, with the possibility to return it thanks to the company’s 30-day money back guarantee (up to 1500 miles).

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