CarMax 30-Day Money Back Guarantee Commercial - Feat. Candace Parker, Sue Bird & Stephen Curry

CarMax has released a series of new ads to promote its services. One of them, focusing on the 30-Day Money Back Returns, stars Candace Parker, Sue Bird and Stephen Curry.

The spot features Parker (basketball player for the Chicago Sky) and Bird (basketball player for the Seattle Storm) at a CarMax dealership. Bird says she likes the car they’re looking at and her fellow asks her if she loves it. At this point, the agent takes the opportunity to point out that CarMax wants you to love your car and urges Bird to take her time and even buy online and get a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. “Whether you rock with your first overall pick or with your seventh,” the agent tells Bird. As she says that, Stephen Curry shows up at the wheel of his car, asking what’s wrong with being the seventh. “Nothing, Steph, that’s the point,” Bird answers. After staring a little bit at the tree persons, Curry says “Come on, man!” and drives away.

The commercial ends with the tagline “Buy online with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee” flashing across the screen, along with the line “The way it should be”. Another line highlights that CarMax is Official Auto Retailer of the WNA and WNBA.

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