Burger King Ch'King chicken sandwich King's Nightmare Commercial

Burger King promotes its new Ch’King chicken sandwich in a new commercial.

The spot features the Burger King in bed, reading tweets about the fast-food chain’s Ch’King, which has received lots of positive reviews. He then falls asleep but has a nightmare – the king finds himself in a Burger King restaurant, where people – from staff to customers – shout to the King “Run, King!”.

“Flame grilling used to be your thing, but now people are going chicken crazy over the new chicken and you’ve caught them bread-handed. Has the Whopper finally met its match?” the voiceover asks, driving the King crazy.

The end of the commercial sees the mascot back in his bed, waking up, and the voiceover introducing the new hand breaded Ch’King.

The brand has enlisted Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor Paul Giamatti (Billion, Sideways and John Adams) to narrate “Nightmare”, the first of four spots created to promote the new sandwich.

The Ch’King hand-breaded fried chicken sandwich is now available nationwide.

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