Blue Moon LightSky Beer Savor Every Sip Ping Pong Balls Commercial

Blue Moon promotes its LightSky beer in a new commercial, urging consumers to savor every sip.

The spot, dubbed “Housewarming,” features a woman advising another woman at a party to not pour her Blue Moon LightSky into a disposable plastic glass arguing that a light beer with this much flavor should be savored. She then asks who knows what goes in those glasses and one of the partygoers mentions the ping pong balls. “Do you want to drink ping pong balls?” the woman asks her fellow, giving immediately the answer: “No, no, you don’t.”

At the end of the commercial, the voiceover introduces the Blue Moon LightSky adding the tagline “Savor every sip”.
The beer, brewed with tangerine peel, has 95 calories and 3.6g carbs.

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