Barclays UK Hamster Talking to Olivia Advert

Barclays UK has released a new advert to promote its LifeLkills programme, which helps people achieve a series of core skills related to finances.

The spot features Olivia, a teenage girl who – after completing a money lesson in Barclays’ LifeSkills programme – hears her hamster saying that learning with Barclays LifeSkills gives her great money knowledge. She is then transported into the Moneyverse, where Barclays app users get to have a better overview of their expenses and gain the skills to make better decisions in terms of personal finances.

The hamster also encourages her to join the 13 million who have used the Barclays free learning programme.

The advert, which features the 1987 single “Push It” by the hip hop group Salt-N-Pepa, ends with the tagline “Make money work for you” flashing across the screen.

Barclays app users get access to a range of money-management tools, including spending categories, calendar view and savings goals, free financial help from the bank’s Money Mentors and digital support from its Digital Eagles.

Barclays also offers, on its website, tips for everyday money management, for saving money quickly, for helping you take control of your money and take care of your credit score, advice to help boost your finances in a week, and more.

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