Arla Skyr Creamy Advert: Girl Looking at Northern Lights

Arla UK invites you to say hello to the new Arla Skyr Creamy in its latest advert, which promotes its new 5% fat Creamy Skyr.

The spot features a woman enjoying the new high-protein Icelandic style yogurt, described by the voiceover as “so wonderfully creamy”. “To really appreciate it you have to experience it, like so many natural wonders in Iceland,” the voiceover also says, while on the screen the respective woman, who’s wearing a knit jumper and a winter hat, is eating a bowl of Arla Skyr Creamy looking at the Northern lights.

The advert ends with the voiceover adding the tagline “New Arla’s Skyr Creamy. Try it. Skyriously.” The line “Strenght comes from within” also appears on the screen.

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